Blackburn Green Hollow Center

Nature Preserve and Sustainability Learning Center


The Loess Hills Music Festival at Blackburn Green Hollow Center is an event that brings visitors and attention to the beauty and preservation of the southwestern Iowa Loess Hills. The event is supported by participants' free-will donations, fund-raising events, and individual and local business support. We rely on donations to help defray costs of printing, promotion, portable restrooms, equipment rentals, and other Festival expenses.  This year, 2019, NET PROCEEDS GO TO FLOOD VICTIMS’ FUND!


The Green Hollow Center is a registered non-profit Iowa corporation, tax ID No. 26-639738.


Please send your generous tax-deductible donations to:

First State Bank

711 Main St.

Tabor, IA 52654


Make checks payable to: The Green Hollow Center Hills & Heritage Festival



Blackburn’s Green Hollow Center is a 150 acre nature preserve and sustainability learning center in a remote part of the Loess Hills in Southwest Iowa.  The center was founded by William R. (Bill) Blackburn, who donates the net income from William Blackburn Consulting, Ltd. to its development and preservation.  The property is quite diverse, consisting of approximately 35 acres of prairie and the remainder of timber, ravines, streams and a pond.  The center is made available upon request to educators, researchers, community groups, and businesses to:

  • learn more about the Loess Hills and its fauna and flora, history, archeology, soils, and geology;

  • study the practical application of green technologies; and

  • provide a learning environment for examining sustainability—the balance of environmental, economic and social concerns needed to provide long term well-being for individuals, organizations and society as a whole.